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Botanical Gardens featuring Orchids

Lankester Botantical Gardens - of the University of Costa Rica now in English featuring orchids and graphics
Mandai Orchid Gardens - In Singapore - general information
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - Appreciating the tropical plants of the world
Missouri Botanical Garden - Features image of the orchids of Madagascar as part of their botanical research
Orchid Bibliography - From the Australian National Botanical Gardens
Popular Cultivated Orchids - At The New York Botanical Garden
Spiranthes ceruna odorata -


CITES Page - From the World Conservation Monitoring Center

Commericial Orchid Vendors

Blue Ribbon Orchids - Forward-thinking growers from San Diego offer flowering orchids and
Blue Ribbon Orchids - Prize-winning flowers from top San Diego growers
CIOS Orchid Co-Op - Central Iowa's Resource for Orchid Growers
Chula Orchids - Offering great deals on mail-order plants
Cyp. Haven: Home Page - A small firm from Iowa specializing in a few species and hybrids
Davidson Orchids - Find out what's going on in Florida's west coast orchid country
Dowery Orchid Nursery - Specifications for many different species of orchids
Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd. - Check out these blooming size seedlings
Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd. - Order seedlings from them
Hawaii Orchids Gift Box - An on-line store located on the Big Island of Hawaii
Jungle Gems Orchids - Providing a variety of MiniFlasks
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery - A family run orchid nursery in Oahu, Hawaii
Madison Heights Orchids - A small orchid boutique in the Northwest
Martin Orchids - Available through Mike and Annelie Gabrielson
Orchid Digest - Linking you with the picks of the market
Orchid House - Supplying the avid orchid hobbiest with a mass of information about these graceful flowers
Orchid Mall - Look for Orchids and Orchid supplies
Orchid Mall: Wildcatt Orchids - An orchid database software - for Sanders, AOS awards etc.
Orchid Throughbreds - A beavy of this years beauties
Orchid Trading Company - Price listings of all your favortie seedlings
OrchidMania Home Page - Good-samaritan orchidists who raise money for AIDS
Orchids Address List - More orchid vendors on the net
Orchids Index - Lists of orchid growers and suppliers
Riverbend Orchids - Providing fine quality orchid plants
South Seas Trading Company - Visit this site in Hawaii and learn about caring for tropical flowers
Venamy Orchids, Inc. -
Venger's Orchids - Some nice folks in Colorado sell orchid plants over the net
White Dove Flower and Gift Shop - Hand-dipped gold orchids and roses
derosa - One of the few orchid nurseries in New England

Herbaria featuring Orchids

Herbaria of the Royal Botanical Gardens - at Kew
University of Florida Herbarium [FLAS] - With a bibliography of Florida Orchids


Global Hydroponics - Information about global growth without soil
Hydroponic Society of America - Growing plants without soil
Hydroponics - A good list of hydroponic information
Hydroponics, Hydroponics, Hydroponics! - The science of growing plants without soil

Just Pictures

Electronic Orchid Greenhouse - Reknowned orchid photographer Charles Marden Fitch puts up a nice site
Greeneries - The VEGETEAUX site in France with some orchid JPEG Graphics
Greenspuns Medium Format Gallery - With Phalaneopsis
James Fritts Orchid Photograph - A one shot deal....
Orchid Iconographics - A sub-category of the Orchid Mall offering volumes of Orchid Pictures
Orchid Picture Gallery - Get a tour of the different orchids of the world
Orchid Pictures - At Index of /multimed/pics/flowers/
Sunsite's Orchid Pictures - This listing contains five orchid pictures

Orchid Mail List

Garden Gate - Horticultural mail lists
Orchid List Digest - Each day, a "Digest" of the discussion is mailed out to subscribers

Orchid Newsgroup

Orchid Newsgroup - The topics are recreational gardening and orchids

Orchid Societies and Organizations

AOS Culture Sheets - Tips on orchid growing from the American Orchid Society, but this isn't the AOS site.
American Orchid Society - Rocky Mountain Regional Judging Center - Provides orchid judging for the Western United States
American Orchid Society Homepage -
Ann Arbour Orchid Society - Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Canadian Orchid Congress - Bringing the orchid community of Canada together
Canadian Orchid Societies - A listing of the member branches of the Canadian Orchid Congress
Central Ontario Orchid Society - Of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Denver Orchid Society's - Orchid Extravangza and Fall 1995 SWORGA Meeting
Gruppo Italiano Ricerca Orchidee Spontacee - G.I.R.O.S. - Tree Orchidaceae
Northwest Orchid Society - Located in Seattle, WA, USA
Orchid Society of Nova Scotia - A hobby organization out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Oregon Orchid Society's Homepage - This Northwestern state's home for orchid lovers

Orchid Software, Books and Magazines

Balogh Scientific Books - USA, botany, zoology, ecology with an orchid booklist
Growing Edge Magazine - For high tech gardening frequently has orchid articles
Mid-America Orchid Congress - Offering a cookbook by orchid enthusiasts who like to work in the kitchen as well as the garden
Natural History Bookstore - In the UK with extensive orchid book selection
Orchids of Australia - Australia's Leading Orchid Magazine
Time Life Books House Plant Pavilion - With lots of orchids information
Wildcatt Orchids - An orchid database software - for Sanders, AOS awards etc.

Orchid Supplies

Growing Orchids in Mud - Dig-in to this peat-based soilless potting mix
Orchids and Orchid Supplies - A short list

Other Orchid Related Internet Resources

Personal Homepages

Aaron Hicks Homepage - A grad student in New Mexico that raises orchids and other rare plants
Bill and Debbie Ann Heckeroth Homepage - Growing orchids 5700 feet up
Charles Damon Marsh's Electronic Greenhouse - He's got some nice photos of his orchids
Frank's Homepage - A member of the Oregon Orchid Society
Harvey Brenneise's Hompage - With some unique orchid resources you won't want to miss
Harvey's Orchid Notebook - Cultivating a method to orchid-growing madness
Internet Orchid Resource List - Of significant use to orchid growers
Marc's Orchid Page - Enjoying the madness of orchid growing
Nick Plummer's Homepage - And Windowsill Orchids
Orchids on WWW - An incredibly comprehensive site
Robert Cuvler's Homepage - Works at Madison Heights Orchids
Skip Carter's Homepage - American Orchid Society Sheets and the Orchid Booklet
Steve Saunders' Home Page - A Nova Scotian with lady slippers
Terese Ponniah's Homepage - Collecting beautiful orchid specimens in Montreal
Tom O'Donnell's Panix Homepage - With orchids
Vanda Consulting - With orchid content

Regional Flora

Bibliography of Florida's Orchids - Find great books on the orchids of Florida
Botany in Brazil - Will more orchid information be available at this site?
Chebucto Community Network - CCN, that hosts this page
Flora of Europe a Photographic Herbarium - A huge index of the different species
Native Terrestrial Myco-heterotrophic Orchids - With JPEGs of orchid roots and fungi
Orchid - A neat collection from Thailand
Orchids of Australia - Australia's Leading Orchid Magazine
Orchids of California - An extensive great new site!
Orchids of Italy - Images of orchids from Tuscany, mostly from Monti Pisani, an old mountain chain near Pisa
Orchids of Thailand - Visit the flowers of this Southeast Asian Country
Orchids of Wisconsin - A key to the native and naturalized orchids of Wisconsin


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